My Gujarati Home


I have created collaged scenes based around rooms and objects in my family home. The work shows an insight of a British Asian upbringing. The captions help to highlight my Gujarati culture.

Parks of Liverpool

When exploring parks in Liverpool I took videos of the ducks. I then converted the videos into frames and printed them by etching into oat milk carton. This produced 4 animation.

Still Life 

I have created a personal still life inspired by the “plonk” paintings from the Dutch Still Life period. I have used collage and screen print techniques to make objects that symbolise a lot of meaning in my life.

Eat the Seasons 

During my Artist Residency at Metal Culture Liverpool, I created a series of collaged protest posters with Kira Whyte. This was to educate people on the type of vegetables that are in season in March. They were displayed at Edge Hill Station and Patricroft Train Station as apart of the ‘sweat the small stuff’ exhibition.

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Seasonal Fruit Platters

As a child I have fond memories of eating fruit platters with my parents and sisters. This led me to make fruit collages for each season and booklet.